What is More Important - Writing or Editing?



One of the major questions about thesis writing is what is more important- the writing or the editing. The answer to this question is always a tie because both are essential one way or the other. However, this question is prevailing among students. It is why this article will discuss which part of thesis writing is more important. There will be a mention of the five reasons why one part is superior to the other. So, let’s start our today’s discussion with the following question.

Is writing more important than editing?

The answer to this question is really important for students. It is because they spend less time on editing and more on writing. To answer this question, I have also struggled a lot. After interviewing hundreds of editors and writers across the UK, I have come to the conclusion that editing is the most important than writing. The reason behind this is that writing is easy. All you need is a basic command of English and sentence structuring. However, in editing, you need to have a lot of skills, like proofreading, language, judgment, detail-oriented, analytical, and creativity skills.

Top 5 reasons why editing is more important

From the discussion above, you know that editing is more important than writing. Up till now, you do not know why it is more important. Hence, a brief description of the top 5 reasons behind this is as follows:

Editing catches more errors

A misplaced comma or semicolon is something that you can sometimes miss while writing. Do you know that improper use of these things can really alter the meaning of your writing? A comma before and after a word depicts the meaning of something. The editing process helps you identify such errors and rectify them.

Editing clarifies your writing

Writing is a fundamental job that you have to do to pass your class or assessment. The real beauty in writing comes when it passes through the editing stage. It is because editing further clarifies your writing. While editing, you will spot wordiness and reduce the number of passive voices that are making your writing difficult.

Editing helps with formatting

University teachers often ask students to follow writing guidelines like APA, MLA, or Harvard. It is highly likely that students will not pay any attention to these requirements while writing the thesis. Therefore, editing enables students to format the writings according to their style. This helps your final draft to look professional.

Editing gets fresh eyes on your work

While writing, students mostly get tired. They cannot purify their writings further during that tiredness. It is very hard to see while writing whether every paragraph is related to your thesis statement or not. Therefore, you need some break and have a fresh eye on your work. In this case, editing is the best option.

Editing gives writing a wow factor

With proper editing, you can expect a thesis free of any errors and totally relevant to the subject matter. When you write a thesis that is exactly according to the writing guidelines, your teachers get happy with you. They give you a good grade in your final assessment. So, overall, editing gives your writing a wow factor.


To summarise the above discussion, editing is more important than writing. Although it is true that when there is no writing, there will be no editing. Based on this, some say that writing is more important. They should know that they have to write because if they do not do this, they are going to fail. So, editing is more important.

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