5 Research Resources You Should Choose for Dissertation

Research Resources
When it comes to writing a dissertation, you need to use the most credible and authentic research resources to ensure that the information you are presenting to the readers is true and accurate. Knowing the difference between credible courses and non-credible ones is not so easy because due to lack of experience and inability to differentiate, you might not recognize which one is right. The internet is flooded with endless sources of information which often make this task very tough and you end up using sources that might seem genuine but are not.

Using the right research sources with help of dissertation writing services is very important for writing a top-quality and custom dissertation. Not only do you come up with a dissertation that is informative and enlightening but you also end up saving a lot of time in rewriting or redoing the entire thing if the teachers reject the dissertation based on unreliable sources. The good thing is that there are some simple tips that you can use to ensure that you always use the most credible and authentic sources for research and do not land in trouble.

As your dissertation uses original research on a specific academic topic, you need to make sure that it is done the right way. You must understand the guidelines provided by the teachers, make an effort to focus in class. Then you will know which websites or forums to visit for working on your dissertation. This article discusses the 5 research resources that you can easily choose for dissertation writing as they will help you work most efficiently, without any fear of landing in trouble afterward.

Scholarly Databases:

When it comes to writing a great dissertation that carries the most authentic and accurate information, scholarly databases are your new best friends. They are without any doubt the most credible courses for research and you can use them without any fear as they are genuine. The good thing is that online scholarly databases are known to provide useful information on a variety of fields. These can be trusted for their sources too.

Newspapers and Magazines:

Newspapers and magazines are a great way to hunt for information, especially when it comes to data and figures as journalists and writers provide the most accurate data when they are discussing some event or financial aspects and you can trust them for offering timely and correct information. It has been observed that while newspapers and magazines are sometimes biased in conveying information, yet they do not temper with facts and data and you can countercheck the details regarding current events. You can online news and updates from all parts of the world without spending hours on books and the library.

The Library:

While the library is the best place to look for the most genuine and authentic information, it seems students have forgotten all about it. These days libraries have also turned digital. Students can access the library physically, sit there for hours and hunt for the right books or they can browse the online archives to find the best sources. It is important to remember how useful visiting the library can be and how much more it can get you in terms of information and data from the oldest of records to the newest books.


Many online sources do not necessarily contain information that is correct or has been verified. This is why it is important to check out the authenticity of the website before taking down the information and using it for the dissertation. Using the right website is very important and in this regard, the government and education websites are the most reliable. Credible sources for research include science.gov, The World Factbook, US Census Bureau, UK Statistics, and Encyclopedia Britannica among others.

Journal Articles:

When we talk about the best research resources for dissertation writing, journal articles are most authentic and they can be of immense help. Seeking help from a journal article helps because it also contains information on how many times the article has been cited and it has been peer-reviewed which adds to its credibility. Some reliable websites for journal articles include Google Scholar, Oxford Academic, Microsoft Academic, Cornell University Library, and SAGE Publishing.

The most important step towards writing a good dissertation is to look for research resources that are credible and authentic. Even if it takes some time to hunt for the right sources, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run and enjoy success in class.

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